Getting started

Step 1
Click on the button 'Start a Dream' and follow the steps to start your Dream.

Step 2
Spread the word! Share your dream with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.

Step 3
Receive donations on your Dream via Stripe.

Step 4
Get your payment via Stripe and make your Dreams come true.

Most People use Dream or Donate to raise money for themselves, a friend or a loved one in the most imporatant moment of his or her live. These might be medical bills, costs for school, voluntary work, funerals, but also for animals and pets. But of coarse there are a million more dreams of people and we're looking forward to the beautifull dreams that with the help of Dream or Donate will come true!

Dream or Donate belongs to one of the safest crowdfunding platforms in the world.

We use SSL and other encyption methods, because safety is one of our top priorities. Also our partners we work with, like our payment service provider and hostingcompany, have the highest standard in safety and fraudprevention.

As soon as your dream receives donations, you can request a payout for amounts upwards of €25,- net.

Don't worry about your donation-meter. It wil stay at the total amount.

Just click on payout te receive your payout.

Because of renewed international regulation, we handle a payout period of a minimum of 14 days from the moment you've requested a payout.

This is to prevent fraud, money laundering, financing of terrorism and sanction legislation.

For sure! Dream or Donate has an amazing system that makes you verify your IBAN-account number. Simply verify the account number of your friend, foundation or loved one to easily send the money to their bankaccount.

Its free to start and share your dream. You can make use of all functionalities of Dream or Donate without paying anything.

Only when a donation is made, Dream or Donate will ask for a commission of 5%. Besides that transaction costs will be charged according to payment method.

For more information we'll gladly refer you to out Costs and Commissions.

No, Never. Other sites might charge your donors without them knowing, but we will never do that. Donors only pay the amount they want to donate and nothing more!

No. At dream or Donate there are no time limits. Your Dream wil stay online, until you decide you don't want to receive donations anymore or until you delete the dream.

Most users keep their dreams active forever, as a beautifull memory of all the nice donations, reactions and messages that they've received.

No problem. At dream or Donate you'll keep every donation you've received. It is not required to make your goal.

You will receive an email-notification for every donation you receive.

Yes. Dream or Donate is a website that rewards honesty and transparancy.

Your dream will be supported by people in your life. Think of friends, family, colleagues, classmates and teammates.

Only after you've received donations of people you know, You'll might be able to draw attention of other people to you.

Sharing your dream with friends and family is the biggest reason Dream or Donate works so well. Not only will the people in your life help you make your dream come true, but they will also help you draw attention of their friends to your dream.

Dream or donate users should not expect strangers to donate to their dream.

Although this is optional, We strongly recommend you to link your facebook account. This will make sharing your dream with others a lot easier.

Received Donations

For sure! your dream is visible for everybody that has acces to the internet. Besides that we also have aside from IDeal lots of international payment methods, so everybody, anywhere in the world can help you make your dream come true.

Yes! because of our international payment methods people can donate from all over the world using their favorite payment method.

No, Never. Other sites might charge your donors without them knowing, but we will never do that. Donors only pay the amount they want to donate and nothing more!

Yes! Dream or donate is completely optimised to look beautifull on a smartphone or tablet. This makes donating via mobile or tablet super easy!

Yes, through the dashboard (edit dream) you can add offline donations.

Of course. Donors can simply check the box that says anonymous to donate anonymously.

Unfortunately we can not offer any tax advice because every person and situation is different.

Although this is not in any way a guarantee of any kind, most donations will be counted as personal gifts. this is taxfree.

At this moment Dream or Donate does not have an ANBI-status.

To be clear: every person and situation is different and to be sure about your specific situation we advice you to contact a tax expert in your area.

Make dreams come true

The most important thing is to communicate your dream as clear as possible.

Link your facebook account to your Dream or Donate account, so people will know it's you.

A high resolution photo or video could also help a lot. and last but not least the best advice we can give you is to share your dream on social media as much as possible. Ask all of your friends and family to support you by sharing as much as possible and to donate if they can!

Almost. Of coarse you can use your own mind. Raise money for personal dreams which inspire, are exciting and have an higher purpose.

Don't do anything illegal, don't expect strangers to just hand you money and don't put online any inappropriate content. If you are having any doubts, you can look at what thousands of other dreamers have done for inspiration.

Every dream on Dream or Donate receives a unique url to make sharing with other people easy.

Sharing your dream is made easy by our built-in functionalities to share your dream through Facebook, Twitter or email.

The best way to get the attention is by approaching your local media first. Local newspapers and televisionstations are always on the look out for interesting stories, like yours. When your dream starts getting attention, the team of Dream or Donate might contact you!

Dream or Donate has a feature you can use to send an update to your donors. You can also use this feature to share your update through Facebook, which could lead to extra attention.

You have the possebility to send a message to all of your donors trough your dashboard. This way you can easily thank all of your donors, after they have helped you make your dream come true.

Other common questions

As soon as €25,- or more is donated to a dream, it wil become visible in Dream or Donates search system.

You can choose a category while creating a dream, You can switch categories later through your dashboard if you want to.

With thousand of dreams it's impossible to monitor all dreams. We give the visitors the means to make an informed choice when deciding who to donate to.

Naturally Dream or Donate and partners have countless of ways to prevent fraud. In the end we want to express that visitors pay attention to the message that is visible on every dream: Only donate to people you personally know and trust.

Yes, Dream or Donate is completely optimised to look beautifull on smartphone and tablet. This makes donating through mobile or tablet incredibly easy!

Thousands of dreams that have all deducted a small percentage of 5%, have made sure that thousands, maybe even millions of people could make their dreams come true. As long as everybody keeps doing this And is prepared to spare a little for the survival of this platform, we can use Dream or Donate to help more and more people to make their dream come true.

That is Dream or Donates purpose.

Like every other popular internet sevice, Dream or Donate makes a lot of costs to keep the platform as efficient and user friendly as possible. From the start it was the most important thing for us to keep the bar for people to start raising money as low as possible while keeping starting a dream completely free. No Cure, No Pay. Because of this we are not forced to show adds or other distractions on our website.

Dream or Donate only asks 5% to keep our organisation alive and growing.

For example: For every euro that KWF receives, only 48% actually gets used for research. (source: NRC.nl)

In brief: Dream or Donate is an exceptionally efficient and effective way to give financial support to those you care about the most. its not just that you can give to somebody in an incredibly directed way, also more money gets to the intended receivers than other organisations can claim.

Absolutely not! anybody can raise money raise money online by starting a dream at Dream or Donate.

Our users often raise money for their own dreams or to help somebody else.

Dream or Donate was made to give regular people the opportunity to do extraordinary things with the money they've raised online.

Naturally it is possible for foundations to raise money through Dream or Donate.