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Because of renewed international regulation, we handle a payout period of a minimum of 14 days from the moment you've requested a payout.

This is to prevent fraud, money laundering, financing of terrorism and sanction legislation.

No problem. At dream or Donate you'll keep every donation you've received. It is not required to make your goal.

Yes. Dream or Donate is a website that rewards honesty and transparancy.

No, Never. Other sites might charge your donors without them knowing, but we will never do that. Donors only pay the amount they want to donate and nothing more!

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Dream or Donate belongs to one of the safest crowdfunding platforms in the world.

We use SSL and other encyption methods, because safety is one of our top priorities. Also our partners we work with, like our payment service provider and hostingcompany, have the highest standard in safety and fraudprevention.

Its free to start and share your dream. You can make use of all functionalities of Dream or Donate without paying anything.

Only when a donation is made, Dream or Donate will ask for a commission of 5%. Besides that transaction costs will be charged according to payment method.

For more information we'll gladly refer you to out Costs and Commissions.

Of course. Donors can simply check the box that says anonymous to donate anonymously.